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SKU: 1427

"VIVIAN" paveé ring in 18K White and Yellow Gold (Yellow/Rose Gold) with 3.56cts of Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Color E-F (Top Wesselton)

Clarity VS (very small inclusions)


The setting of a piece of jewelry is referred to as a pavé setting when a large number of small gemstones of the same shape are held in or on the piece of jewelry using this method. The gemstones (diamonds are particularly popular for the pavé setting) are very close together and cover a surface made of precious metal in such a way that, in the best case, almost nothing can be seen of the actual backrground.


The pavé setting aims to let as little of the precious metal through as possible, as the attention should be focused entirely on the continuous surface of sparkling gemstones. The craftsmanship of the pavé setting is very time-consuming and sophisticated, but pavé jewelry is relatively moderate prices. This is because the gems used are very small and many small gems, albeit of very good quality, are priced below that of a large gem.


*Delivery time 10-14 days

Please note that carat weight, number of stones, and product dimensions may vary depending on the size of the creation you are ordering. Please contact us for detailed information.

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