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Jewellery Makers Experts

Our jewellery makers are not interested in selling jewels quickly and cheaply; instead, we offer you an all-round carefree package around jewels.

In earlier times, there were jewellery makers who rendered outstanding services to the wishes, implementation, and care of the jewels of the respective noble owners. Nowadays, we want to take you by the hand and offer a professional and personal all-round service.

Our service starts from the first moment of contact with you. In the case of new jewels, we use our jewellery atelier to visualize your ideas and concepts in computer-aided 3D jewellery design. After optimization and approval from your side, our jewellery makers experts will implement your specifications with a professional team of top-class goldsmiths and gemstone and diamond setters who possess many years of training and practical experience.

We Offer Our Customers All Kinds of Jewels

We give a year-long guarantee on the jewels we produce as jewellery makers. Our service is as unique as it is professional. We will be by your side in every phase of the implementation. For example, if a stone needs to be touched up, you want the material colour of the metal to be changed, or a white gold ring needs to be rhodium-plated afterwards, we will ensure that your jewellery is as you desire it.

If your jewellery needs to be polished or cleaned again after an extended period of use, we are always there for you and will do the job in the shortest possible time. This service is free of charge if your jewels were bought from our jewellery makers. You send us your favourite items securely by valuables transport, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied.

All Kinds of Jewels - Brillianto
The Making of the Jewels - Brillianto

The Making of the Jewels

From a wish or idea to the finished end-product, our jewellery makers accompany the production with the greatest care and product assurance intermediate tests. Our specialists utilize state-of-the-art, computer-aided 3D design systems that can make your vision visible and give you an exact visual impression of the finished product in advance.

We process gold or precious platinum as base materials, which serve as the basis for your new jewels. After a ring or bracelet has been made and a surface treatment or refinement is desired, this is now carried out. In the case of pieces of jewellery with stone trimmings, these are now set, and your dream is completed.

Finally, several strict quality checks are carried out, and the corresponding qualification documents are created, which are attached to your jewels and accompany you henceforth.

Our Range of Services for You

Often, our customers just want the jewels they own to be professionally cleaned and, possibly, polished. With this, you can help an already forgotten gem find new life and shine again. One of your pieces of jewellery may be defective, deformed, scratched, cracked, or a stone may have fallen out of its setting. Here as well, we offer you a professional and cost-effective service. If the jewellery comes from our jewellery makers, we offer you free repair or care with our elite service for the first 2 years.

Regularly, our customers are faced with the situation of having to change a piece of jewellery, such as a ring, if the size no longer fits. Our artisanal jewellery makers take care of the reduction or enlargement and return the adjusted piece of jewellery to you in a short time. We also professionally and cost-effectively carry out alterations to pieces of jewellery, such as changing a pendant to a brooch. Each of these processes is supplemented and documented with a quality check, so you always have an insight into all processes related to your jewels.

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